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About Us:

The Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy, established by Shaolin Temple 34th Generation Warrior Disciple Shi Yan Hui of the Shaolin Temple in China serves as a center to promote and teach traditional and modern day martial arts. The purpose of the California Shaolin Temple is to educate the public in the ancient Shaolin cultures of Chan and Martial Arts.

It's founder, Master Shi Yan Hui, whose secular name Wen Xiao Long was an origin of FuJian Province, Potian, where the Southern Shaolin Temple is located, started his martial arts training at the age of three under his grandfather, father, uncle and several master of the Southern Shaolin Temple. Later, his father took him to the original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China to further his training.

At the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts, Xiao Long was taught directly under the instruction of monk Shi Heng Jun, Shi De Hui, Shi De Cheng, Shi Su Gang, Shi Yong Chang and Shi Xing Du. Through many years of training at Shaolin, Master Xiao Long had reached perfection in his martial arts skills. He has been feature in various Shaolin Martial Arts Performance, numerous television programs,newspapers, and magazines.

In 2005, master Yan Hui was granted permission from his master of the Shaolin Temple to teach and promote Shaolin Martial Arts overseas. In June 2005, heestablished the United States Shaolin martial Arts Academy in Los Angeles, California to spread the unique teaching of Shaolin. In November 2008, The California Shaolin Temple was forms and served as the parent organization of the United States Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, United States Shaolin Martial Arts Performing Group, and the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy.

All classes are instructed by Sifu (master) Shi Yan Hui. The disciplines offered include Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Contemporary Wu-shu, Chi Gong, San Shou, 18 types of weapons, and Self-Defense tactics.

At the California Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy our primary objective is to develop a top quality martial arts training curriculum for each student. Classes offered are limited to only a maximum of 15 students per classes and are separated by age group and ability allowing the students to have more training time with Sifu Shi Yan Hui (AKA Shi Miao Shan). Utilizing the proper training approach under each discipline, students have gained a more controlled balance in their lives gaining more confidence, losing weight, and reducing stress.

Sifu Shi Yan Hui offers group classes as well as private training sessions for the individual. If you are interested in learning more about us, or would like to become one of us, please do not hesitate to contact us at 626.202.7391 or (626) 288-0999 email us at admin@shaolinca.com.

The Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy and the California Shaolin Temple Welcomes You! May the power be with you.


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